We invite you to learn about ENERGY FLEXIBILITY

One of the objectives of HESTIA Project is to share our experience and learn from other #H2020projects, in the form of internal meetings, but also via very interesting open sessions. This webinar the “Annual Flexibility Solutions Webinar” organized by the INTERRFACE H2020 project, is a good example.

What is Flexibility in the energy sector?

Is a new concept strongly connected to the emergence & development of renewables. But also new ways of producing and consuming electricity, the introduction of new digital technologies within the energy mix. It is also a solution to the current challenge of finding more efficient ways to produce, supply, manage, and share energy not only in industrial or commercial sectors, but also in residential areas, like the ones targeted in HESTIA.

One of the challenges of renewables, for instance is that they are an intermittent and non-programmable source of energy, therefore it is necessary to find alternative sources of flexibility to make sure there is a constant and more efficient balance between the supply and the demand of energy, and most important to avoid inefficiencies in the grid that causes additional cost for everyone, or environmental damaging effects. All this new way of operating, is also offering a transformation opportunity to all the involved actors in the energy loop (from suppliers, to distributors, to end-users).

Flexibility as a new opportunity

It is becoming increasingly relevant to be explain how these new solutions are being developed and reaching the market Flexibility means transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity. This is why this session on Flebility and Consumers in the European Framework is a great occasion to learn about all this. The webinar will also cover Engaging Consumers and Citizens by the BRIDGE Initiative, and expertise and experiences from ongoing H2020 European projects (like HESTIA, INTERCONNECT, OneNet), or organizations like ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators) and REScoop.eu (the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives).

We invite you to register to this webinar via the following link: https://bit.ly/3rDroYC .


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