Sustainable Places 2021 (SP2021) – Fast Track on Energy Communities

SP2021 was the perfect event for disseminating the first results of the HESTIA project, mainly related to user engagement. R2M organized and moderated a workshop with 25 EU projects on DR and energy communities, divided into three clusters (innovative business models, enabling technologies, and inclusive social engagement) plus a wrap-up session showing the most interesting outcomes of the sessions. HESTIA, through the presentation of AAU (Aalborg University) and DW (DuneWorks), participated in the Inclusive Social Engagement cluster, presenting the used participatory methods as means to address the engagement of householders in DR initiatives in the project pilot sites. Aggeliki and Marten highlighted those participatory methodologies need a customized approach for each pilot site, focusing on the individual as part of the community rather than an isolated unit. They shared with the audience their view of a methodology as-a-service to offer to companies and institutions developing energy communities. In the wrap-up session, in which Vera Kissler from the DG ENER on renewable energies made an interesting intervention on an EC tender for an energy community European repository, Raymond Sterling and Christian Moscardi shared with the audience their view on fundamental issues to enhance the development of EC projects: Raymond presented the ESCO point of view on the concrete and real-life barriers that SMEs encounter when designing DR projects; Christian focused on the needed interconnection and communication between EU projects to facilitate and enhance user long term engagement. The workshop was followed by more than 150 people (virtually and live, a new tested hybrid form) which made it a great point of connection for project participants and the EU audience, from which potential collaboration between sister projects could arise in the future.

Find below a short video about HESTIA’s participation at SP2021.

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