The HESTIA consortium is composed of 19 partners from 9 countries (Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Denmark and Serbia), gathering energy service providers, pilot sites, R&D institutions, public authorities, industrial, technological, consulting & investment companies.

Sinloc - Sistema Iniziative Locali SpA

Sinloc is the coordinator of the project and is leading the Project Management WP9. Sinloc is responsible for the project management, considering financial, technical, communication and risk aspects, as well asthe quality assurance. SINLOC will be leading other relevant task related to the future exploitation of the project results, by identifying financing mechanisms to be activated aiming at the replicability and scalability of HESTIA solutions , and also Identify potential investors for post-project replication activities Sinloc is a Consulting and investment company based in Padova, promoting the development of local public infrastructures through its advisory services, feasibility studies and direct investments in Public-Private Partnerships and facilitating the access to EU funds

AXPO Energy Solutions

AXPO Italy, which serves as Italian energy provider and ESCo, provides power and gas to the residential customer. AXPO also manages the electricity supply for the Italian pilot demo and represents one of the crucial stakeholders in this use case as a HESTIA service provider. Axpo Energy Solutions is an energy trader and ESCO for energy efficiency and e-mobility projects. AXPO exploits monitoring systems and deploys technologies such as co and trigeneration, LED lightning, e-mobility packages and renewables production It supplies electric power from hydro, wind, solar, and biomass sources, as well as natural gas.

Électricité de France

EDF will demonstrate demand response models and user engagement approaches in the French pilot site. EDF will coordinate the technical characterization activities and identification of the demonstration scenarios across project pilot sites. It will support the participatory design processes applied to the French pilot site, as well as DR practice interventions as part of demonstration activities. Additionally, it will support the development of the consumer digital twin, project deployment activities, project validation and user experience evaluation. EDF Group, is an integrated energy company active in the production, transport, distribution, energy selling, energy services and trading sectors. EDF R&D conducts technical, market and social sciences studies to define tomorrow’s energy supply and energy services, and to analyse customer and stakeholder requirements and behaviours.

Austrian Institute of Technology

AIT, is one of the Academic partner within HESTIA and will be leading WP4 that is concentrating on the development of an ICT architecture that will enable a cooperative and optimal demand response model. AIT is also involved in modeling consumer behaviour profiles. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria's largest research and technology organisation. Among the European research institutes, AIT is a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future. AIT is already researching and developing the technologies, methods ad tools of tomorrow - paving the way for the innovations of the day after tomorrow.

R2M Solution Spain SL

R2M will serve as Innovation Manager of HESTIA, leading the validation and exploitation activities of the project pilot sites. In this regard, R2M will lead the solution scale-up and replication planning for the “follower” communities. Furthermore, R2M will also contribute by bringing the building models for optimized Model Predictive Control (MPC) algorithms and support the collaboration with the BRIDGE initiative. R2M is a research and innovation company specialized in offering exploitation services in European projects. R2M focus and interest are in energy and sustainability.


ENERGIES 2050 will provide a pedagogical approach of the link between controlling energy demand, the economic perception of changes and the fight against climate change. ENE will serve as citizen's referents for the various pilot projects from a methodological point of view and in the validation of KPIs, reports and deliverables intended to be duplicated. ENE will contribute to the communication tools and the dissemination of the project results. ENERGIES 2050 implements climate change and low carbon strategies and action programs at local, national and international levels in more than seventy countries.

Munster Technological University

MTU will contribute to definition of the overall HESTIA’s consumer engagement strategy, improvement of user, experience and development of consumer digital twin, by adapting the holistic social behavioural models and enabling optimised behaviour demand response services. MTU contributes with a how to motivate the consumers to act and influence their demand curve, as well as with the expertise for user behaviour modelling. MTU is a University and Research institution with extensive knowledge in Consumer Behaviour Digital Twin driven by SSH domain (Social Science and Humanities)

Alborg University

AAU will assume the role of the user engagement leader of the project, by leveraging its expertise in user engagement, motivation and ways of influencing the end-user practices (behaviour) towards less energy-intensive ways of living, as well as the participatory design process (WP2). AAU will support the building modelling activities that will support the translation into the optimal control and decision support for consumer engagement (WP4), and will contribute to the qualitative evaluation of user experience and socio-economic analysis (WP7). Aalborg University (AAU) is a university with more than 15,000 students. AAU research deals with all subjects within constructions and buildings and develops research-based knowledge to improve buildings and the built environment. It contributes with extensive knowledge on the interaction between technology, users and design in relation to households’ energy consumption and by providing energy efficient solutions for improving indoor-climate and thermal conditions in buildings.

i.LECO Energy

i.LECO is responsible for delivering the blockchain-based LES platform that will set the foundation for open marketplace, “community trading” and flexibility sharing within the community. i.LECO also develops the designated user visualization and communication interfaces for consumer engagement support and contributes to the HESTIA’s digital twin by leading the development of the energy demand forecasters. i.LECO is an SME which believes in a full sustainable energy society and to facilitate this, it’s mission is to enable intelligent Local Energy Communities by means of innovative software to create economic and ecological value to all participants and companies.


Based on its experience in social sciences and consumer engagement domain, DuneWorks will be dedicated to support the overall HESTIA’s strategy for consumer engagement. DW will focus on supporting the consumer engagement process as part of the Dutch pilot. This will consider contribution to the participatory design process with the end consumers, as well as the support in demand response practice innervations in real-life settings. DuneWorks is a research and advice SME with a long-standing experience and expertise in sociotechnical sustainability transitions in the areas of energy and the built environment, by performing (action) research, translating knowledge into actionable advice, into strategies or strategic advice.

For Your Energy Freedom B.V.

4YEF serves as an ESCo company which operates as both service provider and building operation manager, and is leading the Dutch pilot site. 4YEF will provide relevant know-how and expertise in service deployment and integration with energy market. 4YEF is focused to deliver cheaper and cleaner energy for their customers, while targeting at the energy provision to residential sector as one of the key points of their expansion plan 4YEF I a new energy supplier that cleverly manages energy flows in the neighbourhood and thus turns its own customers into energy players with direct access to the energy trading market

Institute Mihajlo Pupin

Owing to the extensive experience in development of SCADA systems and energy management systems, IMP will act as HESTIA's Technical Leaders. IMP will be leading activities on: providing the deep knowledge in system integration and interoperability; in relation to setting the system architecture of HESTIA cloud-based platform, as well as bringing the know-how in optimal energy dispatch and automated control of diverse and distributed systems, such as RES/storage hybrid systems. Moreover, it will support the consumer digital twin of HESTIA, by contributing with non-intrusive machine learning based algorithms for data consumption analytics user benchmarking. Institute Mihajlo Pupin is the largest and oldest in whole South-eastern Europe leading R&D institution in ICT. IMP manages projects of critical national importance, combining systems engineering and information technology to develop innovative solutions in the area of environmental management, water resource management, traffic management, power systems management, innovation management, policy advisory, etc.

Albedo Energie

ALBEDO will provide adequate support to French pilot site in demonstrating the HESTA demand response services in operation. This will consider the support in participant recruitment and consumer engagement, leading the development of proof-of-concept for usercentred DR initiatives. It will be engaged to support the French pilot deployment activities, and in development of smart-grid definition mechanisms, as well as to lead the definition of HESTIA’s overall validation methodology and performing the validation activities. Albedo is an energy service provider (ESCo), and is at the cross-roads between engineering, energy services and ICT with deep roots in social engagement and user awareness activities driving energy efficiency and the energy transition in France.

Communauté d’agglomération Paris-Saclay

As the public authority and representative of end-users (citizens), CPS will contribute by providing the direct access to the end-users, i.e. residents at the French pilot site. CPS will contribute from the end-user perspective to several project activities: technical characterization and follow-up definition of demonstration scenarios, participatory design process at French pilot site, as well as to the validation activities of the project, such as to end-user experience assessment. In addition to this, CPS will support the deployment activities at French pilot site. Created on 1 January 2016, the Paris-Saclay Agglomeration Community (CPS) is a conurbation located about twenty kilometres from Paris. It includes 27 municipalities with more than 300,000 inhabitants. The conurbation is managed by the Community Council, composed of 78 representatives from the municipalities, elected by direct universal suffrage. The Community Council adopted the final version of the Territorial Climate Plan the 26 June 2019.


GridAbility will coordinate the HESTIA pilot of Berchidda (IT) and propose new DR services based on decentralised and resilient infrastructures. The services will integrate GridAbility new generation of fiscal certified, multi-utility, multiple communication channel smart meters (SmartHub) coupled to its blockchain-enabled P2P energy optimisation platform (Prosume), which won the Blockchain for Social Good Prize by the European Innovation Council.Grid Ability is a Joint Venture legal entity (for profit cooperative society) between the Energy Services Company (ESCO) R2M Energy, the grid software and hardware technology provider Nesosnet and the grid-specialized blockchain company Prosume. 

Midac Batteries

MID is a technological partner and its main role will be primarily in delivering disruptive energy storage technologies and relevant know-how on battery integration and optimal management to HESTIA. Being one of the leading companies in EU for production of batteries, MID will deliver high-capacity lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries suitable for storing excess energy produced by RES, while providing additional degree of freedom for demand side flexibility. MIDAC SpA is an Italian company involved in the production of lead batteries for motive power automotive and stand-by use. Since 2014, MIDAC SpA has started the design, development, and production of Li-ion batteries for the industrial and stand-by sectors. Midac, in less than thirty years, has become one of the leading companies in Europe and its products are sold worldwide (70,000 Motive power battery packs; 1.500.000 Automotive batteries and 3.000 Stand-by systems per year).

Develco Products

DEV will primarily contribute to the pilot site deployment activities by providing both energy consumption and environmental measurement equipment as part of the early deployment activities . DEV will ensure suitable project baselining, to be leveraged by service development activities. Moreover, DEV will support the integration activities by interfacing with the underlying monitoring infrastructure over the cloud-based solution Develco Products is a business to business (B2B) company providing white label and customized Internet of Things (IoT) products within the fields of smart home, smart energy, healthcare, and building management.

European Innovation Marketplace

EIM will provide adequate support in formulation of exploitation strategies for achieving greater integration of renewable energy technologies and demand flexibly at demo sites and across Europe. It will aim at analyzing the energy issues in their economic, legal and social framework conditions, and policy research in domain of renewable energy and energy efficiency. EIM is an non-profit association providing a wide range of non-profit research, innovation, tech transfer and advisory supporting services to private companies as well as to public and institutional organizations in the field of Energy, Infrastructure, ICT, Transport and automotive, circular economy , consumer goods and Industry 4.0.

Asociación Clúster Digital De Catalunya

CLDI will serve as Communication Manager of HESTIA. CLDI will be leading the Communication and Dissemination activities of HESTIA, raising awareness and spreading the results of HESTIA to the commercial sector, and to the wider community . CLDI will coordinate the best practice exchange and methodology workshops under the BRIDGE initiative. CLDI is a research and industrial cluster boosting the culture of competitiveness and cooperation by generating projects and increasing the IT business and know-how of its members and become a reference of collaborative innovation both at local and international level, being of its objectives to create a strong network in domain of energy efficiency as one of the strategic sectors.