HESTIA’s launches its 1st Italian Pilot residential on Sept 16th

As previously announced, this week is the start of the first of 3 consecutive workshops in three different geographical pilot sites (Berchidda in Italy, Voorhout in The Netherlands, and Camille Claudel in France). This workshop in Berchidda, located in the north of Sardinia Island, will be the first scenario to celebrate the first physical event of the project on September the 16th, and it will serve as the closure of the recruitment phase, which will secure the participation of the voluntary households.

Within the overall project implementation at Berchidda, HESTIA plans to involve at least 30 households (out of a pool of 60). The buildings considered for demo activities are residential, whereby several engaged in agricultural production. The town is already advanced in the utilization of technology-based energy solutions, as there are already 67 active PV systems (62 private PV plants, 3 municipal and 2 industrial), but HESTIA’s activities will allow progressing towards a flexible and efficient production and use of the energy. This includes installing complements such as smart metering, home automation devices for better consumption, when possible, IoT Enabled monitoring, and electric storage units.

The municipality of Berchidda will welcome part of the HESTIA consortium, like members from the University of Aalborg (from Denmark), which contribute with their expertise and efforts in the user engagement field, Cluster Digital de Catalunya (from Catalonia, Spain), which is responsible for the communication and dissemination of project results, and most of the “pilot-partners”, first Sinloc (Italy), which is the project coordinator and strongly connected to all overall management of the three European pilot-sites, and also Grid Ability (Italy), who coordinates the pilot of Berchidda and who amongst many activities, in addition to coordinating all communication with local authorities and end-users, thanks to their digital and technological experience will be proposing new DR services based on decentralized and resilient infrastructures.

The reason why partners are implementing these co-creation workshops is to actively involve the selected residential participants in participatory-design processes, and Berchidda represents a unique case in terms of the challenge to start building an energy community since the municipality owns the energy grid.

 The interaction with households and the feedback gathered will help us:

  • Analyse their expectations about energy communities
  • design a series of sustainable demand-response flows in everyday practices, and also
  • elaborate the necessary information for an appropriate customization of the Hestia platform.

The agenda for the workshop in Berchidda includes a meeting with the municipality in the morning, a tour of the city by the mayor, and the specific workshop in the afternoon and evening.

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