HESTIA’s 1st General Assembly in Amsterdam – May 2022

Find below a video presentation of the HESTIA project, and the motivation behind each one of our 19 partners, together with explanations or overviews from the coordinator’s, the technological, the social and the exploitation perspective.

The general assembly was the perfect occasion to meet in real-life for the first time and share among partners the progress of the different WPs and all the upcoming actions, activities, and organized events.

The 2-day meeting has initiated a much stronger communication that covered many relevant aspects, such as adjusting and defining a new work plan for the project activities, achieving improvements of the project’s technical and scientific management structure, sharing the current developmental status of the Hestia platform and sharing with all project partners to gather feedback and comments, advancing and preparing all the relevant information and reporting document for the upcoming July EC Review meeting for the first 18 months of the project, and finally sharing important insights regarding each work package and the strategy deployed by each WP leaders in order to progress efficiently.

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