HESTIA participates in the ETIP-SNET Initiative

HESTIA is happy to join the ETIP-SNET initiative, working on the Innovation support to market uptake activities of European projects in the smart grid, DR, and energy communities areas.

The European Technology & Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) have been created by the European Commission in the framework of the new Integrated Roadmap Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) by bringing together a multitude of stakeholders and experts from the energy sector. HESTIA will specifically participate within Working Group 5 “WG5 – Innovation implementation in the business environment“.

Fabio Apra, from our partner R2MSolution, will be the HESTIA representative, and his participation will allow HESTIA not only to share and learn from other projects and professionals but also contribute to the overall objectives of the working group, which are:

  • Build a homogeneous analysis of projects, work done and lessons learned, contribute to creating a common platform for analyzing the progress made with technologies throughout the EU and facilitate their scalability,
  • Build a methodology to judge system needs in the energy transition capable of identifying tangible needs for building on the progress made and give feedback to the other WGs for populating their R&I needs in the years ahead.
  • Review the relevant BRIDGE reports that identify the economic, social, technical, legal, etc. barriers which may slow down business model deployment.
  • Search for innovative solutions that will maximize the benefits of the innovation process that the EU achieves through R&I activities in the area of Energy.


All the above activities not only strengthen the capacities of our project partners, but also allows positioning HESTIA, as an innovative approach in order to develop a cost-effective solution to advance the future of Demand Response services, encourage residential consumers to engage in more flexible sharing and balanced energy grid activities, and finally develop user-personalized services to launch a technology-based open market place for a new grid reality.

Find more information on the ETIP-SNET wG5 here: https://www.etip-snet.eu/about/working-groups/wg-5.

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