HESTIA participated in the Sustainable Places Conference 2022 organised in Nice from 6 to 9 September

Part of the consortium of the European Project HESTIA attended the 10th annual edition of the Sustainable Places Conference 2022 (SP2022), an event organised in hybrid format from 6 to 9 of September in Nice.

The event was an opportunity to deepen the knowledge related to sustainability, but above all, it was a perfect occasion for networking, project clustering and disseminating the scientific results of the project and to detect new areas of collaboration.

The participants took part in the workshops ‘Engaging People and technologies for the future of energy: Approaching Citizen Energy Communities’ and ‘Fostering User Engagement for Innovative Demand Response For Effective Flexibility’, jointly organised with other brother projects.

HESTIA is an EU funded project developing a mix of Technological, Innovative and Social Sciences & Humanities models approaches to improve the management and use of energy by and for residential consumers.  Know more about the project here https://hestia-eu.com/ or, if you missed it, watch the videos of the SP2022’s workshops:

Workshop ‘Engaging People and technologies for the future of energy: Approaching citizen energy communities’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC0rP2gA1h0

Workshop ‘Fostering user participation for innovative demand response for effective flexibility’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTVsj4BGaZ0

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