HESTIA organizes its first PILOT sites’ workshops in September


After several months since the start of the project in November 2020, the HESTIA partnership has been very active in order to kick-off many participant activities that will allow HESTIA to initiate the deployment and integration activities.

For the past 11 months most of the partners, have contributed to conducting the

  • technical characterisation of the pilot sites and their respective energy and monitoring infrastructures
  • analysis of regulatory framework and legal aspects in pilot countries
  • analysis of the everyday energy related household practices
  • identification of demonstration scenarios and DR opportunities
  • design of HESTIA platform and definition of measurable key performance indicators

As a consequence of the above tasks, technical monitoring components and devices has been already sent to each pilot site to prepare the implementation phase, and the collaboration with the local municipalities has allowed the launching of the Recruitment phase, during summer, for households that will participate in the HESTIA project.

The aim is to gather between 20-40 voluntary households on each workshop, and the process has already got confirmation of 15 households recruited in the Italian pilot of Berchidda, 11 in the French pilot of Camille Claudel, and 14 households in the Dutch pilot of Voorhout.


During the coming 3 weeks, HESTIA partners will conduct 3 co-creation workshops – one in each pilot site (Berchidda on Sept 16th, Voorhout on Sept 22nd, and Camille Claudel on Sept 28th), with the aim to actively involve residential participants in a participatory design process, which will inform the DR solution which HESTIA aims to develop. The workshops will also contribute to the generation of a vision for these new energy communities that are being built during the project. The feedback from the recruited residential participants will directly inform the later stages of the project, ensuring inclusive and holistic DR solutions.

For instance, the workshop in Berchidda will be the first open meeting with pilot households and it marks the closing of its recruitment phase. The team of involved partners will discuss with citizens their expectations about energy communities and co-design a series of sustainable demand-response flows in everyday practices. Ahead of the workshop, the HESTIA team will also meet the municipality to prepare the next steps of the project. Similar workshops will be conducted in Voorhout and Camille Claudel. The interesting exercise of these workshops is that partners can generate local insights for each pilot, which will allow the appropriate customization of the Hestia platform.

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