HESTIA is starting a new phase in 2022

The HESTIA project has concluded a full year of activities with big challenges and 2021 has proven to be a challenging but also amazing year for the project.

Nineteen partners implementing this ambitious project workplan to develop a cost-effective solution (the HESTIA Platform) and generate new Demand-Response customized services to allow end-users in residential areas becoming the main stakeholders in the energy sector.

Thanks to HESTIA platform and ICT-based solutions and methodologies (read more here), end-users will be able to modify their energy-related practices and behaviour, become prosumers and share their energy within an optimized flexible and balanced smart grid, but also participate and establish new energy policies, manage the infrastructure, and ultimately play a key role, in order to validate new energy management models within the vibrant changing process of the energy transition in Europe and all over the world. The social, technical and digital innovations within HESTIA will create the tools and platform to optimize the use energy, towards more efficient, flexible, and beneficial models in terms of both monthly expenditure and for the environment.

Although the pandemic has added more challenges to our work, the way we interact and collaborate, the efforts dedicated during last year have only shown our strong determination to overcome these challenges during 2022 and advance in the pursue of our objectives, the technological implementation and development of energy solutions.

This is the spirit from the HESTIA project and partners for this new year, and our wishes for 2022 are an effective Technological Implementation, strong End-User Engagement and efficient Validation of Solutions.

We invite you to contact us to learn, follow, and get involved in many of events and actions we’ll be organizing.


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