HESTIA joins the BRIDGE Initiative and participates in its 2021 General Assembly

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative which unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and may constitute an obstacle to innovation.

The General Assembly of the BRIDGE initiative, which gathered more than 200 participants from more than eighty H2020 energy-related projects in the area of Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands and Digitalisation, took place from the 2nd until the 4th of March 2021, in an online format. HESTIA was represented by SINLOC, the project coordinating partner, as well as other partners like R2M, Cluster Digital, GridAbility, Pupin Mihajlo Institute, EIM Association, and Midacc Batteries.

The HESTIA project was presented by Andrea Martinez from SINLOC during the Plenary session to all the event attendees, and the rest of the partners participated in parallel sessions related to the different working groups established within Bridge: Data Management, Regulations, Business Models, Consumer and Citizen Engagement.

The overall General Assembly and the full agenda of parallel sessions have been a great opportunity for HESTIA partners to learn more about projects results and help to establish a closer cooperation for cooperation for European best practice standards as well as promote the uptake of clean energy technologies in the framework of the Green Deal. The Assembly therefor has been the environment to network with other energy related EU projects and establish connections for future collaborations within and in parallel to the BRIDGE activities.

The conclusions of this three-day event and its numerous parallel sessions can be downloaded following this link. More information about the event is available on BRIDGE website: www.h2020-bridge.eu.

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