First HESTIA public deliverables published

The first months of activity within the HESTIA project have activated several tasks which are generating interesting results and information in relation to the 3 pilot sites defined within the project, and specifically about its systematic characterization and initial insights into their flexibility potential (D1.1), it also gathers an analysis of key energy-related behavioral aspects at the project pilots by collecting and analyzing pilot specific data on users (D1.2). Work carried within WP2 is allowing us to elaborate and gather information in relation to the householder recruitment, engagement, and participation, which are of central importance to Hestia (D2.1). It outlines the basic concepts used to investigate Demand Response in households, explains the principles behind the participatory methodology for the project, and finally presents the recruitment and consumer engagement strategy. Finally, WP8 has generated the Communication and Dissemination plan (D8.1) and the related communication baseline material (D8.2), which are crucial in order to create awareness about the project, its objectives, and the different results achieved, as well as reaching the different targetted audiences in order to follow the project in social media and participate in the upcoming events organized by HESTIA.

The public documents are accessible and can be downloaded on the project’s resources page

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