2022 Workshops and implementation of HESTIA solutions in Residential Areas

One of the main goals of HESTIA is to develop a mix of Technological, Innovative, and Social Sciences & Humanities models approach that will allow improving the management and use of energy by and for residential consumers. In other words, HESTIA will allow residential communities to become more energy-efficient and sustainable thanks to the HESTIA solutions. The efficiencies obtained are #economic, […]

Advancing towards the development of HESTIA platform services

Finally face-to-face! On Tuesday 8th March, HESTIA partners (R2M, AUG-e, AIT, IMP) and the Pilot sites’ responsibles (EDF, GRB and AUG-e). These partners met to take some fundamental decisions regarding the development of some of the HESTIA platform services. The meeting celebrated in Madrid, was hosted by R2M. The technical partners made their proposals regarding […]

We invite you to learn about ENERGY FLEXIBILITY

One of the objectives of HESTIA Project is to share our experience and learn from other #H2020projects, in the form of internal meetings, but also via very interesting open sessions. This webinar the “Annual Flexibility Solutions Webinar” organized by the INTERRFACE H2020 project, is a good example. What is Flexibility in the energy sector? Is […]

HESTIA is starting a new phase in 2022

project energy hestia h2020 european smart grid

The HESTIA project has concluded a full year of activities with big challenges and 2021 has proven to be a challenging but also amazing year for the project. Nineteen partners implementing this ambitious project workplan to develop a cost-effective solution (the HESTIA Platform) and generate new Demand-Response customized services to allow end-users in residential areas […]

The HESTIA Deployment Plan, a reference point for Demand-Response based projects

HESTIA recently released the Deployment Plan, a single point of reference for all partners to be followed throughout the pilot site deployment and integration activities. Despite its functional role for consortium members, we consider that it can be a useful reference for any EU stakeholders in the energy sector interested in planning demand-response equipment deployment, […]

HESTIA & partners, aligned towards the creation and promotion of future Energy Communities

Edificat Energy Communities

Last week on September 23, three HESTIA partners (Duneworks, ENERGIES2050, and Albedo Energie) participated in an interesting virtual webinar dedicated to the digitization of energy in the building sector, an event organized within the frame of the EDIFICAT project of the European Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG POCTEFA. The event was supported by Cluster Digital of […]

HESTIA organizes its first PILOT sites’ workshops in September

HESTIA PILOT SITES USER RECRUITMENT & WORKSHOP STARTING IN SEPTEMBER 2021 After several months since the start of the project in November 2020, the HESTIA partnership has been very active in order to kick-off many participant activities that will allow HESTIA to initiate the deployment and integration activities. For the past 11 months most of […]