A positive and fruitful 2nd residential workshop in Voorhout, The Netherlands

The 2nd workshop celebrated this Wednesday 22nd at the Dutch city of Voorhout organized by HESTIA’s project partners Aalborg University, i.LECO, 4YEF, and Duneworks has definitely been a boost towards creating more EU energy communities. This has been an incredible opportunity to meet our Dutch pilot end-users and conduct the first necessary co-design exercises to start building the “Voorhout energy community” around HESTIA’s activities.

The session gathered 24 participants (from 15 households) from the community of De Wals in Voorhout. The workshop was also attended by Adriaan Harthoorn of 4YEF and Yvonne Van Der Hulst, head of development company for the site (Van Der Hulst).

The workshop included an introduction to Hestia, a participatory game about different kinds of energy communities and a session to discuss experiences with, and preferences for, digital smart energy interfaces. As mentioned in a previous article (read the news about the 2nd residential HESTIA workshop), Voorhout represents a unique site in terms of their assets configuration, and their current energy distribution infrastructure. The community of De Wals will not only represent a perfect scenario to explore and advance the role of consumer engagement but also what it means to strive towards a true “Zero-Fossil-Fuel Community template design”.

The first results and initial conclusions from this 2nd workshop will be summarized and published once all workshops will be conducted. The proactive participation of households and citizens has already shown how valuable “energy communities” are, especially in relation to the aims of advancing towards a more efficient and collaborative energy transition, which will ultimately allow us to reach EU climate goals and improve the way in which EU citizens will be able to generate and use energy.

The next upcoming workshop will be organized in the French district of Camille Claudel, in the upcoming weeks, stay connected to learn more about this upcoming energy community event.

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